Wheel Mate Mevius Lug Bolt Set 14X1.5

Wheel Mate

  • $ 76.00

Give your European car that exotic look with Mevius Lug Bolts by Wheel Mate Performance. Mevius Lug Bolts feature Cold Forged SCM435 Hardened Steel bolts that also utilize a 17mm Hex head with either a 60 Degree Taper Cone Seat or a 14R Ball Seat. The Mevius Lug Bolts come in both M12x1.50 and M14x1.50 thread pitches for fit on most popular Euro cars on the market. They also feature a Blue Neon, Chrome Neon, or Black finish and come in 27mm, 40mm, and 50mm lengths for the perfect fit and sophisticated look on your car.

Product Features

  • Cold forged SCM435 hardened steel
  • 17 hex lug nut
  • Available thread pitches: M12x1.50 or M14x1.50
  • Available seats: 60 degree conical or 14R ball
  • Colors: black, blue neon, and chrome neon
  • Lengths avaliable: 27mm, 40mm, and 50mm

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