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VW MK7 GTI/Golf R DKM MA Clutch Kit

DKM Clutch

  • $ 550.00

MA Clutch Kit

For drivers with moderately modified cars or performance oriented driving styles. The MA Clutch Kit is the OE style replacement clutch kit for their vehicle. A flywheel is included within the kit and replaces the factory flywheel or Dual Mass Flywheel (when applicable).

MB Clutch Kit

The MB Clutch Kit assembly provides up to 80% increase in torque capacity and is ideally suited for aggressive street use and moderate track use. The composition of woven brass and organic material with alloy backings provides smooth engagements and extended life.

MS Clutch Kit

The MS Twin Disc Clutch Kit are designed to hold 100 to 200% more torque capacity to the wheels with sprung organic discs. The two organic disc setup provides additional contact surface area for higher torque capacity and longer lifecycle.

MR Clutch Kit

MR Twin Disc Clutch Kits are ideal for high-powered, high-torqued vehicles. Constructed of a billet pressure plate for increased stiffness and no clamp-load deflection. The additional contact surface area provided by the two cerametallic disc setup and smaller diameter result in reducing the moment of inertia (Mol), thereby maximizing the engine acceleration characteristics.

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