VW MK7 GTI Flow Designs Splitter Bundle Set

Flow Designs Australia

  • $ 760.00

Items ships directly from Australia. Flow Designs kits are made to order. Please allow 3-4 days to make and roughly 5 business days to ship.

VW MK7 Golf GTI Front Splitter + Aero Spacer, Side Spats (4 piece), and your choice of  Rear Spat (2 Piece) or Rear Valance Set (3 Piece)

Kit Includes


  • Pre-mounted Adjustable Aero Spacers
  • 2 Flow Designs Stickers
  • Fitting kit 


  • 10mm Thick Polyethylene Composite, Bevelled edges


  • Hand Polished Satin Black

Why do we use Polyethylene Composite for Flow Designs Splitters? Strong, impact resistant, doesn't corrode or chip, and has excellent abrasion resistance (say… from scraping on driveways and road all the time?)

Carbon Fibre is better isn’t it? As strong and light as Carbon fibre is, it CRACKS on impact or when under load and/or stress. Clear coat will eventually fades & cracks and become undesirable.

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