VW MK7 Golf/GTI/Golf R Eds Reps MK7.5 Replica LED Tail Lights

Eds Reps

  • $ 499.00
  • Save $ 81

We are introducing something that alot of people have been asking for. Updated MK7.5 LED tail lights that are low cost, and easy to install onto your MK7 car.  

These tail lights have the outward appearance and function of the revised MK7.5 Golf R LED tail lights, but are designed as an easy upgrade for your MK7 Golf/GTI or R.

Externally, they look and function the same as the MK7.5 Golf R LED tail lights, with the exception of being able to have dual fog lights.


Tail light plugs are designed for a plug and play install onto MK7 cars, no need for harnesses. When plugged directly into the car's tail light's harnesses, the lights will have the same features as the stock tail lights, eg, red turn signals, and no fog light.

When used with our MK7 Led tail light harness, it will have full ROW (Rest of World) functionality, eg, dynamic amber turn signals, and fog lights. You will also have two rear foglights.

So, if your car already uses our harness with the MK7 LED Tail lights, it is a plug and play replacement, no need to change harness or coding. Save money on purchasing the MK7.5 harnesses.

Lights have been tested locally on US and Canadian GTIs and Golf R, with both stock wiring, and with our harnesses. It may work with other harnesses, but we have not tested them.

They are not designed to function on the 2018 MK7.5 cars, we will have OEM MK7.5 LED tail lights for that purpose.


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