VW MK7.5 Facelift Golf R Flow Designs Front Splitter + Aero Spacers

Flow Designs Australia

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Item ships directly from Australia. Flow Designs kits are made to order. Please allow 3-4 days to make and roughly 5 business days to ship.

VW MK7.5 R Facelift Golf R Front Splitter + Aero Spacers

The Flow Designs splitter set is the best exterior mod for your VW MK7.5 Golf R! With front & side splitters & rear valance with Diffuser Fins, Flow Designs offer the strongest splitters on the market. Easy install & perfect fitment guaranteed, with Australia-wide & international shipping on all products.

By purchasing this splitter, the pre-pressed in threaded brass inserts will now accept all our add-on accessories for the MK7.5 R such as winglets and splitter extensions.

Accessories not included

Kit Includes

  • Front Splitter with pre-pressed in threaded brass inserts
  • Cross bar drilling template (for stud installation)
  • Pre-mounted Adjustable Aero Spacers
  • 2 Flow Designs Stickers
  • Fitting kit

    We've designed an additional reinforcement bracket that bolts the bumper to the metal support bar. This achieves better tensile load and downforce whilst reinforcing the bumper.Provisions for transmission and brake cooling have also been taken into consideration.

    CNC engraved logo and features, hand polish and packed all in Melbourne's outer east.


    • 10mm Thick Polyethylene Composite, Bevelled edges


    • Hand Polished Satin Black
    • Bevelled edges

    Why do we use Polyethylene Composite for Flow Designs Splitters?
    Strong, impact resistant, doesn't corrode or chip, and has excellent abrasion resistance (say… from scraping on driveways and road all the time?)

    Carbon Fibre is better isn’t it?
    As strong and light as Carbon fibre is, it CRACKS on impact or when under load and/or stress. Clear coat will eventually fades & cracks and become undesirable.

    Side Winglets

    VW MK7.5 Golf R Side Winglets are only compatible with Flow Designs MK7.5 R side splitter only which is designed to be an adjustable direct bolt-on accessory. 

    Adjustable anywhere between 5mm - 20mm on each side increasing the overall width up to 40mm.

    Kit Includes

    • Side winglets (1x Pair)
    • 2 Flow Designs Stickers
    • Fitting kit


    • 4.5mm thick ABS


    • Scratch resistant textured ABS plastic

    Front Splitter Extension

    Our Adjustable Front Extension will directly bolt onto our MK7.5 R Front splitter thanks to the Pre-Pressed in threaded brass fittings install int the splitter. Our fitting hard will be provided to ensure perfect fitment and adjustability.

    Adjustable anywhere between 5mm - 25mm on each side increasing the overall width up to 50mm.

    VW MK7.5 Golf R Front Extensions are only compatible with Flow Designs MK7.5 Golf R front splitter only which is designed to be an adjustable direct bolt-on accessory. 

     Kit Includes:

    • MK7.5 Golf R Adjustable Front Extensions
    • 2 Flow Designs Stickers
    • Fitting kit


    • 4.5mm thick ABS plastic


    • Scratch resistant textured ABS plastic

    Video Links

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2OCn0KU_10
    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10yOgvazArQ

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