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Neuspeed Power Module VW/Audi

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Product Features

Two position switch

  • +5 PSI Increase
  • +7 PSI Increase

Power / Torque Gain On +5 Setting - 91 Octane Fuel (higher gains obtainable with better octane fuel)

  • 1.8 TSI: 30+ HP /  55+ ft./lbs.Torque
  • 2.0 TSI: 35+ HP /  70+ ft/lbs.Torque
  • 2.0 TSI "Budack/Miller Cycle": 30+ HP /  55+ ft./lbs.Torque

Increases boost by modifying the charge pressure and map sensor readings

  • Allows ECU to remain in control of boost
  • The actual boost is increased by a precise amount
  • Boost is increased in a gradual, progressive fashion
  • Uses the closed loop control of the ECU to increase boost

Readings in the vacuum region are stock

  • No effect on cold start
  • No effect on warm up
  • No change to idle, cruise and moderate acceleration modes of operation

Retains stock ECU programming

  • No change to factory ECU programming, communication or safety protocols
  • No ECU TD1 code to void manufactures warranty
  • Not affected by ECU reprogramming by the dealer
  • Makes use of existing ECU programming for higher boost levels
  • Correct Air/Fuel mixture maintained from the wideband O2 and closed loop mode of the ECU
  • Ignition timing optimized by the ECU

Easy Installation

  • Plug and play intercept at Boost and MAP sensor connector locations
  • Installation or removal can be completed in a few minutes (depending on model)
  • No trace Power Module was ever thereafter removal
  • Power Module can be sold or installed on another vehicle of the same engine type
  • One Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • CARB Pending. Emission testing to be California compliant and any states that follow.
  • For off-road use only. Not legal for use on public roads.
  • NEUSPEED P-FLO Air Intake highly recommended.
  • Do not use Neuspeed Power Module id ECU has been tuned or modified.