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MQB RacingLine VWR Oil Catch Can


  • $ 540.00

Not all catch tank kits are equal. Designed with a built in engine baffle plate, the RacingLine Oil Catch Can system is uniquely designed to aid engine oil control, as well as catching unwanted oil and water vapour.

  • Retains oil in the engine under excessive braking G-forces. Oil pools at the front of the engine, leading to smoke clouds and ultimately oil starvation.
  • 3 way baffled catch tank to effectively collect excess moisture and oil vapour.
  • Keeps your intercooler and inlet tracts clear of oil build-up and provides clean airflow through the inlet manifold.

Kit Includes

  • Replacement PCV breather plate
  • Baffled breather cap
  • Breather hose from cap to catch tank
  • Baffled catch tank
  • Breather return hose from catch tank to inlet
  • Oil catch tank dipstick
  • Catch tank drain plug
  • PCV solenoid vent hose & adapter
  • Washer blanking plug (R Models only)
  • Fixing kit containing all required bolts, washers and rubber o-ring cord

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