MQB RacingLine VWR Front 345mm 4 Pot Stage 2 Monoblock Performance Brake Upgrade


  • $ 1,798.88

All the power in the world is next to useless if your stock brakes aren’t up to it. The RacingLine Stage 2 Monoblock Performance Brake Upgrade is an ultra-durable, fast-road & track solution developed exclusively for VAG cars. RacingLine developed these brakes from decades of motorsport experience, and, as you’d expect, they provide outstanding stopping power again and again. Yet, all at an affordable price. 

  • RacingLine lightweight Monoblock one-piece construction is usually reserved for the highest-specification motorsport kits, being vastly stiffer and lighter than the original calipers.
  • The kit comes in at almost half the weight of the original for significant unsprung mass savings. The caliper, pads and bracket assembly weigh in at 4.4kg (9.7lb) vs 8.6kg (18.9lb) for the factory Golf R kit.
  • A bigger, 345mm ‘triple-grove’ disc gives greater heat capacity, thus reducing the effect of fade.
  • Smart design features such as our Hub Adaptor system plus built-in pad-wear indicators are all part of RacingLine’s typical attention to detail.

    • RacingLine extensive development programme on piston sizes gives beautiful progressive pedal feel – and that’s because (unlike many) they only develop brakes for VAG cars.

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