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Audi 8V RS3 KW V3 Coilovers Without Mag Ride

KW Suspensions

  • $ 2,269.99

KW Variant 3: Race technology for the road, with adjustable compression and rebound dampening. State of the art motorsport technology enables better performance on the streets. The independently adjustable compression and rebound dampening allows for custom driving setups.

The exclusive KW patented system has dual level valves that allow for adjustment of the rebound dampening for your road comfort and the compression dampening that controls the driving dynamics.


Audi RS3 (8v) without electronic dampers 


  • Front Lowering: 0.4” to 1.4”
  • Rear Lowering: 0.4” to 1.4”


  • Front height adjustable by threaded shock bodies. Rear height adjustable by adjustable spring perch.
  • Vehicles equipped with electronic damper control: Electronic damper control needs to be disabled. Disable modules available through KW. Please check KW accessories list.
  • Only for vehicles with a clamp diameter of 54.6 mm on the front axle.
  • Valving is adjusted by adjustment knobs, rebound is only adjustable if the top of the piston rod is accessible. This will depend on the design of the vehicle.

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