MQB SuperPro Engine Mount Kit - FAS Tuning

MQB SuperPro Engine Mount Kit


  • $ 550.00
  • Save $ 427.77

Contains Upper, Lower and Pendulum Mounts. Higher Duro Polyelast.

Utilizing proprietary material; the 3-piece Mount Kit is SuperPro’s answer to one of the most requested components from our customers and dealer network.

Even the best of the currently available engine mount sets on the market bring significant noise, vibration, and harshness into the cabin of the vehicle.

Until now a choice had to be made when upgrading the shortcomings of the OE mounts.

Now you can mitigate wheel-hop, have more accurate and precise gear changes and maximise efficient power transfer without increased cabin noise, shaking mirrors and interior rattles!

Features & Details

  • MK7 Golf, GTI (FWD), and Golf R (AWD) Models
  • OE fitment – proprietary materials & OE components make for a flawless fit
  • Extensive testing in stock vehicles and highly tuned vehicles
  • Reduces Engine & Powertrain movement by up to 70%
  • OE levels of NVH – dramatically increased performance with no additional noise or vibration
  • The Ideal solution for even the highest performing street driven vehicles

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