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VW MK7 Golf/GTI/Golf R MSS Fully Adjustable Spring Kit


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MSS Spring Kits offer significant improvement in handling and performance while eliminating front end wheel hop on launch and hard acceleration (on FWD models), nose dive on hard braking, and limiting squat in the rear on hard acceleration and launching. You will experience more stability and confidence in the car with any of the springs rates however, the effect may be amplified with the stiffer kits.

What else can you expect from MSS Kits? Much improved steering feel, delivering instant response to steering wheel input. The car will feel neutral and flat while cornering and eliminated nearly 100% of body roll (again amplified with stiffer kits).

What kit is ideal for me? Well this is a subjective question. Please call or e-mail us if you have specific requests or concerns. For those who think they know what they want or trust our experience.. keep reading.

The street kit is the softest of the bunch. It will ride the softest in all scenarios because it has the softest spring rate. But just because it rides the softest and is mostly geared toward street and comfort use, you still gain all of the positive benefits listed above. So, do you commute to work, ride on rough roads? But like to tear it up on the occasional on ramp or back road twistie? This kit is ideal for you. This kit is best suited for the FWD Golf/GTI drivers.

So do you do all the above, but want more support in the twisties or maybe you spend a few weekends a year at HPDEäó»s or auto-crossing? Well, the sport kit is more your tune. it shares very similar ride qualities as the street kit, but it has a stiffer rear orange spring in the stacked arrangement. As you place more load on the shock, the stiffer the spring rate becomes allowing you to maintain composure past the street kits abilities. 98% of our customers fall into this category. This is the ideal kit for MK7 Golf R and A3/S3 owners alike. The All Wheel Drive platforms like the added support and it is noticeable.

The track pack takes it a step further. Sharing very similar ride qualities to the street and sport kit, the track pack gives you the ultimate in support and confidence where you need it most, the track. Very little drivers will find the limits of the sport kit, but in the event you do, we have solutions for you. The track pack is composed of the same material as the sport spring, but a slightly thicker coil bind.

Since the rear arrangement is stacked you can expect all three kits to have similar manners on the street, since they all use the same rear black spring but once you start to push the car, you will find where each kit settles in its own category.

MSS Fully Adjustable Kit Features

  • 10-30mm lower than stock ride height adjustable in the front AND rear
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Ride height adjustment on OE or aftermarket Shocks
  • Proprietary stacked rear spring arrangement and modular design so upgrades are cost effective
  • Resolution to dive and squat issues as well as now being freely acknowledged that we also reduce wheel hop issues (which is a nice find and not purposefully engineered in to our solution)
*Allow 2-3,000 miles for settling of front and rear springs. The more aggressive the driving, the faster the settling period will become. All Spring rate information is proprietary. Our experience has given us results that show DCC "Normal" mode shares ride qualities stiffness with the NON DCC shocks. The DCC has the ability to stiffen and soften where as the NON DCC is fixed.

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